Tips and tricks to strengthen thin nails – DIY at home

Not all women have great nails. Most women cannot keep their nails long due to the fact that they’re thin and they break easily or exfoliate as soon as they wash the dishes.

There is a saying: A person’s hand is their business card.

Keeping the hands hydrated and the nails looking sharp is essential. It is just something you cannot ignore in today’s society.

Women have even brought nail care to a form of art. The number of nail designs out there are infinite.

But before putting color on the nails, they must be cared for “bare naked”.

The first and most important tip to keep in mind in order to have beautiful nails is to used rubbed gloves when washing the dishes and especially when using chemicals to clean the house.

Cleaning products not only affect the nails but also the skin on your palms and finger and some could even injure you badly.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to strengthen the nails:

Mix two glasses of warm water with two table spoons of sea salt or regular, if you do not have sea salt, in a bowl. Place your hands in the liquid and keep them there for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes, wipe your hands with a towel and apply moisturizing hands creams.

Put as much warm oil (whatever cooking oil you have) to cover your nails, into a bowl and keep your nails in there for 10 minutes.

Put some oily vitamin E, which you can find at the drug store, on every nail, before going to bed.

Mix some honey with almond oil and put the mixture on your hands, also rubbing the nails. Cover your hands with moisturizing gloves, if you have.

Thin nails are usually a sign of a poor diet. To find out which vitamin you lack, make a doctor appointment. This is a solution that will fix your nails problems for good.Tips and tricks to strengthen thin nails - DIY at home