Tips to grow your eyelashes

Looking for natural ways to grow your eyelashes bigger?

Here are a few natural homemade remedies that can help your goal:

Green tea and castor oil

Mix, in a small recipient, one tea spoon of castor oil with 3 tea spoons of green tea. Keep the mixture in the fridge, and apply, every night, a small amount on your eyelashes.

Helpful tip:
Buy a clear mascara and use it as a recipient for your eyelashes treatment, after emptying it.

Oily vitamin E

Although, the treatment is for your eyelashes, oily vitamin E is to be applied on your eyelid. Massage delicately, every night, before going to bed.

Olive oil and lemon peel

Place a small piece of lemon peel in 2-3 spoons of olive oil, and leave it in there for 3 days. Apply daily, and after just on week your eyelashes will be thicker and fuller.

Castor oil, olive oil and oily vitamin E

This is a mixture your eyelashes won’t resist. It is a nurturing “bomb” that will help the eyelashes grow longer than ever.

Coconut oil

Melt a little coconut oil and spread it on your lashes using a cotton pick or the clean brush from an empty mascara tube.


Vaseline is another product used for eyelashes lengthening. It is known world-wide for its hair-growing stimulating properties. It can also be applied using a cotton pick or an old clean mascara brush.

Vitamin H

Specials have found that vitamin H also lays an important role in hair growth. You can find it in sardines, nuts, almonds, bananas and whole cereals.

Vitamin C

Along with vitamin E, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, without which our hair would become brittle and easily break. It can be found in green vegetables and fruits, including avocado. But also in lemons or oranges.Tips to grow your eyelashes