Non-surgical face lift with daily 5 minutes exercises

Did you know that you can improve your facial appearance at home doing only a few fun exercises, for a few minutes a day?

Sedentary people will notice that in time gravity will do its job and start to pull everything down.

Skin and muscles must be maintained by exercising every day. Even if you do so for a few minutes, it will do a world of difference.

There are more than 40 muscles on our face, and without working them, each and every one will start to sag.

Check out these easy and quick exercises you can do at home for a non-surgical face lift:

  • Squeeze your eyes one at a time, 20 times each.
  • Place each arm on your temples and pull the skin up, towards your forehead. Squeeze your eyes tight. Repeat 50 times
  • Place your lower lip over your upper lip, until you feel your chin tight, and then lower it. Repeat 30 times.
  • Inhale and keep the air inside until your cheeks puff and keep it there for one minute, only breathing through your nose. Repeat 5 times
  • Squeeze your lips tight and then move them left to right. Repeat 5 times
  • Place your index finger above your eyebrows, parallel. Open your eyes as wide as you can and pull the skin above the eyebrows, at the same time
  • Place your lower lip over your upper lip and try to smile. Keep it there for 5 seconds. Do 5 sets.
  • Place your elbows on a table. Make a fist, and put each fist on your cheeks and smile, while resisting with your fists pushing the skin towards your mouth.
  • Close your eyes and place your middle finger on the corner of each eye. Pull the skin while trying to open the eyes. Maintain fro 10 seconds.
  • Try to touch your nose with your upper lip.
  • Place your fingers on your cheeks. Rotate to relax the cheek muscles and at the same time, try to smile.Non-surgical face lift with daily 5 minutes exercises