Lift your breasts without surgery using these instant tips and quick home exercises

Gravity makes women’s breasts go downwards and that is not a good thing for today’s society’s expectations when it comes to beauty.

Nobody likes saggy breasts. Beautiful breasts means perky, lifted, toned. These aspects are crucial for a sexy, appealing low-cut, V line.

Here are a few instant tips to INSTANTLY lift your breasts:

  • when showering, alternate cold and warm water on your breasts. This will “wake” your skin up and will help with the blood flow in that area
  • take a few ice cubs and gently, slowly rub your breasts with them, one at a time
  • all women should have a push-up bra in their wardrobe for those special occasions that require low-cut V neck dresses or shirts
  • buy elastic shirts that hug your upper body, U-shaped at the neck, or V-shaped. Never dress with clothes that come right up your neck, all the way above the breasts. That emphasizes the sagging of the breasts, bringing even more space between the neck and breasts

To lift your breasts on long term, here are a few quick and easy-to-do home exercises:

  • Tae-Bo exercises are considered to do wonders, when it comes to lifting the breasts. Therefore, you can join your local gym and take the classes to do the exercises correctly
  • Regular push-ups
  • Push-ups with the bottom lifted to bring a little extra weight on the arms and intensifying the exercise
  • Flat on the back, take two small water bottles or small weights, one in each arm. Lift your arms from having them outwards, sideways, or bring them forward from having them straight over your head
  • sitting down, make Xs with your arms kept straight
  • Sitting down and using the wights, bring your arms up and down, at the same time, but not in the same direction
  • Place your hands on a wall, take a step back with both legs, keeps your legs slightly spread, and do at least 15 push-ups this wayLift your breasts without surgery using these instant tips and quick home exercises