15 tips for instant dark circles removal

How to instantly get rid of those dark circles and eye bags?

Here are a few tips that will instantly brighten your eyes:

  1. Place a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes, and then place it under your eyes until warm
  2. Keep a few slices of cold cucumber on your eyes for a few minutes
  3. Cabbage is also great for reducing swelling, therefore quite helpful when it comes to reducing those under eye bags
  4. Keep your eye cream in the fridge, that way it is cold when you use it, which helps reducing eye bags and dark circles
  5. Mix pineapple juice with turmeric powder and place the mixture under your eyes
  6. Use eye creams based on almond oil
  7. Mix fresh cucumber juice with potato juice and apply around the eyes
  8. Use tomato juice on dark circles
  9. Wash your face with cold water
  10. Remove your makeup every night, before going to bed, without exceptions

To reduce dark circles or eye bags, on long terms, try to:

  1. Go to sleep at a convenient hour
  2. Make sure you eat healthy
  3. Reduce the nicotine intake
  4. Reduce all things bad for your skin, including makeup everyday – let the skin breath at least one weekend day
  5. Try to include vitamin K in your diet, which has been discovered to contribute to dark circles, when missing; or use eye creams which contain vitamin K15 tips for instant dark circles removal