How to workout using things around the house

You can have a great workout at home, using household items as gym equipment.

How to workout using things around the house?

Here’s how:

You can use anything heavy as weights, such as the milk bottle, the ironing machine, bottles of water, and even your weighing scale.

You can use the chair, the couch or the bed to help you do those one leg squats, simple squats, you can use them for push ups, you can use them to do beginner squats which really are sitting down and getting up reps, or you can use the couch to do your abs, by tucking the legs under it.

You can use a scarf to do stretches for your legs and arms. Also, a scarf can be used to correctly perform squats by tying it around your legs, at knee level.

You can use a towel or that fluffy dining room rug as a yoga rug. For this, you can also use chair pillows or even your actual pillow.

Use your brother’s or son’s soccer or football ball to get those gluts pumping. Keeping your balance with the help of a chair, place the ball between your bottom and thigh, and squeeze.

Use your husband’s tool box (make sure it’s closed correctly so the tools don’t fall out and you do not hurt yourself) as a weight for your upper area. Sit on your back and keeping the toolbox with both hands, push it away and bring it to your chest. Repeat.

Put a dust cloth under each foot and start doing “scissors” with your legs. Put another two on each arm and place the two beneath your feet, under you knees. Move your left arm and right leg in front on you, and the your right arm and left leg, in a floor-wiping move.

Stand up. Loose the cloths for your legs and only keep the ones for your arms. Lower your upper body until you reach the floor, keeping the legs straight. Wipe the floor with your arms until you get flat on your belly, raise both your legs and both your arms at the same time, and then get up and repeat.How to workout using things around the house