Efficient tips to get rid of double chin and neck fat at home

Neck fat and double chin has become one of women’s biggest problems. These areas are very difficult to keep toned and if ignored, it is not easy to deal with the fat in that area. That is why the best thing to do is to prevent them.

But, if you do have a double chin or fat settled in the neck area, these following exercises are considered to be efficient to treat the problems, as they are to prevent it:

Do facial exercises that include moving the chin and the skin on the neck. One example would be to rotate your lower lip, while tilting your head left, then right, and also back.

Flex the neck muscles, at the same time being careful not to hurt yourself. You shouldn’t feel pain while doing this exercise, only tension in the fatty neck area.

Do planks. Planking is a great exercise for all the muscles in the body. Stand on your elbows and toes, while keeping your back perfectly straight. Your body should form a perfect straight line. During this exercise, look forward. That way you keep your neck tight and also provide a stretch in that area.

Rotate your neck. This exercise is efficient for both your neck fat and double chin. Place a towel on the wall and put your forehead on it. Rotate your body without moving your head.

Open and close your mouth, while tightening the lower lip.

Stand on the bed or couch, so that your head is hanging out. Lift and lower your head. It is a great exercise for both neck fat and double chin reduction.

Place a tennis ball under your chin and press it, without dropping it. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Sit down and drop your head backwards, as much as you can. In this position, clench your teeth until you feel your neck muscles stretch. Remain as so until you finish counting to 10. Do this two times a day.Efficient tips to get rid of double chin and neck fat at home