Bleach your teeth white at home

A white smile is one of the most desired things out there. How to get a white smile at home? Here are a few tips:

1) Never go to bed without brushing your teeth
Regardless of how tired you are, do not go to bed without brushing your teeth. I know we’re living in stressful, exhausting times, but this is one thing we should never skip. Although, keep in mind that experts have discovered that if having a glass of wine before bed and then brushing your teeth, this does more harm than good. Apparently, by brushing them afterward you scratch the tenths’ enamel and you help the wine spot your teeth. There are now tissues for teeth which you can use to gently rinse the wine out.

2) Baking soda and lemon
This miracle mix does wonders. It is one of the most common ways to whiten the teeth at home. However, do not use this technique daily because it will harm you teeth, due to the fact that it is quite acid. Every one in a while just put a little amount of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice on your tooth brush, over the tooth paste.

3)Strawberries and baking soda
Mash a few strawberries into a bowl and mix in a little baking soda. Use this mix as you would tooth paste, brushing your teeth for approximately 5 minutes, once a week.

4)Eat apples
Eating apples is also a great way to keep your teeth white. They’re considered to be “nature’s tooth brush”.

5) Apple vinegar and olive oil
Another great mix you can use is apple vinegar and olive oil. Just mix the two and dip your tooth brush in. Same thing here: try not to do this very often, as the vinegar could harm your teeth.Bleach your teeth white at home