5 minutes exercises to reduce armpit fat

Can’t wear a tight shirt or a sexy undershirt with thin braces due to your unaesthetic armpit fat?

Armpit fat has become a regular issue among women today, and not only. A large number of men are dealing wit this problem, as well.

How to get rid of it?

With determination, anything can be done.

There are easy exercises to do to get rid of the fat but they must be done everyday, without exception. The fat in this area is rather difficult to reduce due to the fact that it is a sensitive area, especially for women, therefore all exercises must be done with care.

Here’s a list of exercises that target the armpit fat, easy to do and which do not require workout equipment:

  1. Push-ups
  2. Knee push-ups – they’re just like regular push-ups, only, instead of standing on the toes, you stand on your knees
  3. Arm cardio exercises – ex.: jump with the arms extended over the head
  4. Starfish jumps – with the arms and legs extended sideways, start by jumping with the legs outwards from having them together and then extend your arms over your head; bring down the arms and bring the legs together again. Repeat.
  5. Planks – Just remain in this position for as long as you can, pause and then repeat: start from a push-up position, on our toes and instead of placing your palms on the floor, place your elbows. Keep your body perfectly straight.
  6. Using a chair (or the couch), place it behind you and put yourself in a squat position, with the knees bent. Put your palms on the chair behind you and do as many push-ups as you can, without hurrying and focusing on your pose.
  7. Using a bottle of water, lift it in different ways (up and down sideways, up and down in front of you)
  8. Side plank – Stand on your side with your legs straight and lift yourself up, keeping your balance with one arm and one leg. Sit in this position, alternating sides, for as long as you can and repeating a few times.5 minutes exercises to reduce armpit fat