13 5-minute abs workouts

How to squeeze in exercising when working days are so exhausting?
There are numerous exercises which you can do at home or even at the office, during your break (just keep an extra yoga mat there), and there are dozens which target your belly fat.

Do these abs exercises only 5 minutes a day and the results will soon be visible:

  1. Standing up, bring both your arms to your toes, one at a time, trying to keep that leg straight as you lift it
  2. Sitting down or flat on your back, strain your belly muscles
  3. Short abs, meaning that you don’t go all the way when doing your abs, just shortly lift you upper area
  4. Standing up, bring your right elbow to your left knee and vice-versa, in front of you
  5. Standing up, bring your elbows to your opposite knee, one at a time, but this time, sideways
  6. Standing on one knee, at a time, keeping the opposite leg outwards, straight, slowly swipe your upper area right and left, with one arm lifted at a time
  7. Standing up or down, but keeping your back straight, rotate your middle area as much as you can, always fixing your pose and focusing on not holding your breath
  8. Positioned flat on your back, lift one leg at a time, focusing on keeping it straight
  9. Positioned flat on your back, lift both your legs keeping them straight, and keeping your balance by pushing on your arms, which you position straight near your body
  10. Flat on you back, keeping your balance by pushing on your palms, with your arms straight, on each side, make a circle with both your legs together, kept straight
  11. Lying on your back, bring your elbows to your opposite knee, one at a time
  12. Standing flat on your back, bend your knees until your heels touch your bottom, and try to touch them one at a time, trying keep that back as low as you can to make that possible
  13. This one is called the “star fish” abs: lye on your back and open those arms wide and straight. Bring one arm at a time, keeping it straight, to the opposite leg, also kept straight13 5-minute abs workouts