10 Secrets of Professional Makeup

Over time, makeup artists have discovered many secrets that helped celebrities have the perfect image many women desire to have.
Thankfully, many of these secrets were disclosed by makeup artists. Women around the word can have a perfect look if they follow some simple and basic professional makeup rules.

For a perfect look the below advices should be followed:

1. Prepare your face for the makeup products

Before you apply the foundation and eyeshadow, apply a thin layer of primer on your face and eyelids. The primer covers the thin lines on your face. Also it will make your makeup more resistant.

2. How to choose the concealer

The shade of the concealer should be one tone lighter then the tone of your skin. This will help you obtain a natural and uniform makeup.

3. How to choose the foundation cream

When you choose a foundation keep in mind 2 aspects before you make the purchase: the ingredients and the shade of the foundation.
For example, for a oily skin you should never use a foundation based on some kind of oil or another oily substances. Instead you should choose a foundation based on water and mattifying ingredients.
For a dry or sensitive skin is better to choose a foundation based on oil because it will help moisturize the skin.

As for the shade, you should always verify it at natural light. The shade should always be with one tone lighter or darker than your skin. Never more!

4. Eye contour

The liquid liner is the most resistant one. It can be difficult to apply, but with this tip you should have no problem:
after you have applied the primer and the eyeshadow, outline your eyes with a regular eyeliner (not liquid). Then strengthen the line with a liquid liner. This will allow your makeup to resist for at least 8 hours.

5. How to soften eye contour

Emphasizing the eyes only with dark eyeliner can give a rough air. You can soften your look by applying a  soft brown eyeliner on the lower eyelid.It will help keep the warmth expressed by the eyes.

6. Emphasizing eyebrows

Is better to use a eyebrows shadow instead of a pencil. It help keep a natural look.
As for the shadow tone, it should be slightly lighter than your eyebrows colour.

7. Curling the eyelashes

If you want to obtain perfect curled eyelashes you should heat the eyelashes curler before using it. You can do this by using a warm water or hair dryer.

8. Applying brown powder

Use a powder brush and apply the powder around the perimeter of your face and on the spots that are naturally touched by the sun: nose, forehead and chin.

9. Applying blush

Smile when you apply the blush. Walk the blush brush from the dimples till the ears.

10. Choice of lipstick colour

The dark colour make thin lips to look even thinner. So avoid using dark colour if you have thin lips.
To make your lips look bigger, apply a little transparent gloss in the center of the upper and lower lip.

These are the 10 most important tips when it comes to professional makeup. By respecting these simple rules you will have the perfect and natural look you desire so much.10 Secrets of Professional Makeup