10 natural tips and tricks for acne

A lot of us know what a nightmare acne can be. Of course most of the times, the problems are bad diets, excessive fat and sweet foods or flour based foods. But there are a lot of time when it’s just hormonal or maybe caused by something else. So this is why your first step towards curing acne is visiting a doctor.

In case you use topical cremes and treatments, be very careful on what they contain. Try to avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide or Accutane, ingredients that over time may affect you in ways you’d never suspect and worse than acne.

Here are 10 tips and tricks from the “garden”, that will help you:

1: Garlic is great for acne because it has antiseptic properties. Rub a clove of garlic cut in two over the acne. If you can stand the smell, cut small rings of garlic and stick them with bandaids on your acne over night.

2: Onion is another great fighter in your war with acne. Make a purée with a blender and apply it as a facial mask once a week. It will help you with both acne and the marks the acne left behind.

3: Lemon juice applied on your skin will close the pores and whiten your skin.

4: Baking soda with vegetal soap will be the best antibacterial soap for your face.

5: Smooth sea salt mixed with egg whites is great for sensible skin with acne. Make it a mask and remove it with slow circular moves.

6: Honey is also a great ingredient against acne and used as a mask.

7: Vinegar is one awesome antiseptic and it won’t be too strong if you mix it first with equal proportions of water or green tea.

8: Yogurt might sounds weird, but it’s actually very efficient if left to work on your skin for 5-10 minutes.

9: Cut a circle as large as your face out of gauze, soak it well in fresh green tea (warm, not boiled) and apply it on your face. Leave it there till it dries and then carefully remove it.

10: Herbs like echinacea, dill, rosemary or parsley are also great for teas and infusions that will purify your complexion.10 natural tips and tricks for acne