10 minutes workouts for a slim waist

A beautiful silhouette implies a slim waist.

To get a slim waist, there are two important rules to keep in mind: healthy diet and exercise.

In order to have a flat belly, and to avoid getting a “muffin top”, your diet must include fiber, such as whole-grain cereals, vegetables, raw, steamed or boiled, less oil and frying, lean meat for protein intake, proteins being essential for building the muscles and reducing fat, and also, you must drink plenty of water.

Here are a few exercises that specifically target the waist area, which you can do at home, while listening to your favorite music:

Exercise no. 1

Sitting up, spread your arms sideways, and move side to side, with the palms up, as you were being pulled by someone and trying to oppose. Keep those belly muscles contracted and don’t forget to breath. Do not hold you breath.

Do 20 sets per side. You can do 20 sets on one side and then switch, or alternate.

Exercise no. 2

Standing up, keep one arm on your waist, and raise the other arm over your head, leaning on the direction of the arm you keep on the waist.

Do 30 sets per side.

Exercise no. 3

Standing up, spread your legs as wide as your shoulders area, keep one arm on your waist and then “cut” the air in front of you horizontally, with the other arm kept straight, starting from the direction of your arm kept on the waist and finishing on the other side, at the same time keeping that middle area tight and rotating it along with the arm.

Do 20 sets per side.

Exercise no. 4

Sitting down, sideways, and keeping your balance with one arm straight in front of you, and the opposite leg brought in front of you bend at 90 degrees, and the other leg kept straight, bring your elbow up, at the same time rising your leg kept straight. Switch. You will feel the tension in your side abs.

Do 30 sets on each side.

Exercise no. 5

Sitting up, slightly bend your legs, bring your arms in front of you, touching your elbows, and rotate your waist from left to right. At every seventh rotation, do a punch. Alternate arms while doing so.

Do 2 sets of 50.10 minutes workouts for a slim waist