10 cheap remedies for a beautiful skin

If you cannot afford being a regular in a beauty saloon here are some tips you could use at home so you don’t spend a lot of money on who knows what chemicals. It’s all natural and safe and most important, in your own house. Some of them you might already use, but didn’t know all their benefits.

1. Morning coffee. No, it’s not about drinking coffee, but using its grounds as a scrub. It’s natural, it’s very efficient and mixed with olive oil will work great on dry skin.

2. Clean your make-up utensils periodically. Might sound unimportant or too simple, but trust me, this “trick” is what will help you not to accumulate bacterias and obstruct your pores. So wash them at least once a week with liquid soap and warm water.

3. Facial massage. This might be the oldest trick in the anti-ageing book. Indispensable! A facial massage improves your blood circulation and your skin firmness. Starting from the chin, make your way up onto the forehead by using moisturiser or facial oils/serums.

4. Use fruits or vegetables in cosmetics. A few slices of cucumber can reduce the dark circles from around your eyes, fresh parsley juice or pineapple slices illuminates your complexion and citrus has an astringent effect.

5. Facial sauna. Once a week you should try steaming your face, especially if you have an oily complexion with an acne tendency. All you need is hot water and a big towel. You can use a few herbs like peppermint or eucalyptus or drops of essential oils. After 5-15 minutes of steaming, clean your face cu cold water for closing up your pores.

6. Shorter and colder showers. It’s known that warm water and long contact with it can age and dry your skin.

7. Move around. Even if you don’t go to the gym or you don’t have an exercise program at home, you can remain in shape by using some tips and tricks which cam become a lifestyle. Leave your car at home when leaving for work, walk more, use the stairs instead of elevator, at home or when using stairs, try to walk more on your toes, dance… and most of all, find reasons to get up from the chair more often.

8.Avoid sugars, white flour, fried foods, carbonated drinks, cigarettes or junk food. You already know that these will rush your skin ageing.

9. Hydrate yourself. I know it might sound boring and cliche, but of course it’s not. Better drink more than less. It detoxifies your body and you skin will glow and won’t look dry and wrinkled.

10. Live beautifully! Try to smile more, not to frown, deal with your problems calmly, meditate and don’t let bad things get to you. Stress is one of the biggest ageing factors that you have to avoid for your health and for a beautiful skin.10 cheap remedies for a beautiful skin